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He became our friend!
November 2018
Let me start by saying that I was a homeowner looking to sell my home and buy a new one when I met Forrest. My experience with the agent I used to buy my first home was nothing close to my experience with Forrest as my agent. It was very transactional, and she was not personable at all. She always  seemed annoyed to be showing us a home and did not even show up at the closing. Forrest was the opposite of her. We did not hunt for a realtor when we began our house buying/selling process in October 2017. It was purely by happenstance- if you are like me, you call it a God thing. We saw a listing on Zillow that we liked and requested a showing. Within 10 minutes or less of submitting our request through Zillow, Forrest was calling my phone to schedule the viewing. I was impressed. We had no idea what kind of person we were about to meet. When he showed up for that first viewing (and every viewing from there on out) he provided us with printed out detailed information about that home and the neighborhood. He was always prepared and seemed like he had studied up before showing up. We appreciated that. If he didn’t know the answer, he found it out within 24 hours and got back to us. He always made himself available to us and never made us feel like we were inconveniencing him. He worked around our schedule and was always accommodating. From the day we met Forrest, my boyfriend and I told each other that we knew we had just been blessed with not only a fantastic Realtor, but a great human being. Forrest stuck patiently by our side for a year before we finally purchased our new home. He sat back and let me try to sell my own home while giving me pointers and encouragement until I finally realized I could not do it without him. Within 2 months of Forrest listing my home, it was under contract! I had it on the market FSBO for 6 months with no luck! He fought vigorously for us in negotiations and was always honest and upfront about EVERYTHING. He is the type of business man that is hard to find now days. Buying/selling a home is a very stressful and sometimes discouraging time, and if you are like us, it seemed like it was never going to end after 12 months of searching for the right home for us. He was encouraging and positive when we were not. Not only is Forrest extremely knowledgeable about the market, but he also knows everyone in the business that you will have to deal with at some point when buying/selling. He is funny, kind, smart, discerning, gracious, humble, HONEST, hardworking, and genuine. I could go on and on. In sum, I would recommend Forrest to anyone I cared about. You will be so glad you chose him to be on your side. Forrest became more than our Agent- he became our friend.
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