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He is just a great guy!
August 2018
My family and I were interested in purchasing a home, and after deciding what type of home we wanted, we needed to find a realtor. After finding a home that we were interested in, we contacted the realtor, Forrest Meadows, that was showing home. After meeting Forrest for the first time, we knew  instantly that this was the guy who would help us find out next home. After dealing wth Forrest for a short period of time, we also knew that we could trust him, and that he had our best interest! Forrest is hands down, the best realtor that we have ever worked with, and this includes family and friends. GOD could not have blessed us with a better Realtor, and we would definitely choose Forrest over any Realtor at any given time or place. Forrest was not only a great realtor, he is now a great friend. Despite buying our 3rd home; and experiencing heart aches and headaches; Forrest made this one of the best experiences that we could have ever hope for. As mentioned before, we would definitely recommend Forrest as your Realtor, and we do not believe that there is one better. This guy is not pushy and he is just a great guy, and if you want someone whom you can trust and depend on, call Forrest Meadows. His is just the honest truth.
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